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Mapping software downloaded into your mobile phone’s memory improves your safety when outdoors!

Mapitare is the first offline mapping software on the market that can be downloaded at once and is designed for critical work and demanding conditions on land, water and air.

The Mapitare terrain and sea mapping software is useful for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, hunters, boaters and anyone who spends time outdoors. The digital map displays real-time location on a map. The risk of getting lost in mountainous terrain is the greatest when visibility weakens, and even an experienced hiker can lose his or her sense of direction on easy forested land. A ball indicating your position on the map will guide you back to the right path. The map on your phone screen is especially useful in bad weather, when the risk of getting lost is the greatest.

The unique Mapitare terrain and sea map does not require a telephone or electricity networks to function. All of the map data has been downloaded into the memory of the phone. Offline maps are suitable for critical work and function quickly and precisely in all conditions and everywhere within the map’s area. Therefore, weak telephone and data connections do not have any effect on the use of the Mapitare map. They can be used even after the telephone network has already faded. The operator is responsible for ensuring adequate battery life, and if necessary, should back it up with a power bank or backup battery.

In its entirety the data covers all of the land and sea areas of Finland, Sweden and Norway. In future the map data will expand even further.
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National Survey
©Maanmittauslaitos, CC BY 4.0 (19,99€/year)
©Lantmäteriet, CC BY 4.0 (19,99€/year)
©Kartverket, CC BY 4.0 (19,99€/year)

Road Management
©Liikennevirasto, CC BY 4.0
©Trafikverket, CC BY 4.0
©Kartverket, CC BY 4.0

©Väestörekisterikeskus, CC BY 4.0
©Trafikverket, CC BY 4.0
©Kartverket, CC BY 4.0

Cadastral Registry (property)
©Finnish National Survey, CC BY 4.0

Land parcel register
©Agency for Rural Affairs, CC BY 4.0

©OpenStreetMap contributors
©Creative Commons, CC BY-SA

Other data
©National Forestry

Maritime Administration (requires terrain map)
©Liikenneviraston lisenssi No. 1604/07/07.03.01/2015 (9,99€/year)
©Sjöfartsverket licence No. 17-00494 (29,99€/year)

Make groups and follow friends on the map 4.99€/month (Android)

Mapitare Easy Tracker for businesses and authorities!

In addition to a consumer version, the Mapitare product line also includes the Mapitare Easy Tracker version which is is designed for businesses and authorities. Its design takes into account possibilities for collaborating with various programme service companies and rescue organisations. If necessary, the software can be customised cost-effectively according to the customer’s needs and look.

In the Mapitare Easy Tracker version, administrators of an organisation can form groups, which makes it possible to see locations of friends in addition to your own location. Users can then also communicate with others in the same group through the map. The formation of groups is practical and useful when authorities have a real-time situational picture during a rescue, for instance.

Organizations use.

The new mapping technology makes a excellent basis for operative situational picture and command systems.

It leaves 100% of communication for messaging and location services during the operations, because the maps are already in your device.

This makes it possible to use critical systems when only narrow-band communication is available. The location services operate also in situations when voice communication are not accessible in bad network situations.

Our services enables the possibility to create ad hoc command and control room in challenging natural environments and which is easily accessible for persons from several countries.

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Mapitare Ltd

The company has over 15 years of experience in operational systems. As a result of the five years of development, a new mapping technology and reliable service model (tested) have been created. The map has no scale limit, and items are presented with production precision (cm).

Mapitare software has no dependencies on other suppliers. As a result, 100% change management can be done in a cost-effective way. The software products can be used in all systems and network connections are not needed for their use. Being independent of the environment and hardware guarantees a long life cycle for the technology.

Mapitare’s services:

Mapping services
Communication and positioning services
Mapping technology and interface services
Operational situational picture and management systems

Our map engine technology can be used in multiple platforms for example on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X as well as on the mobile platforms.

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